Yureka Rooting and TWRP Recovery

Hello all Yu Yureka lovers.
Explore the seemless possiblities by ROOTING your Yu Yureka!!!

This guide helps you to "Unlock Bootloader", "Flash Custom Recovery" and "Gain Root Access"

*Things you needed: Laptop or Desktop with windows OS (not tested in other OS), USB Data cable, ADB and Fastboot Drivers( you can find these here or here extract these file in c:\ of your laptop/desktop) and last ofcourse your Yu Yureka (atleast 75% charged).

Warning: This process will delete all data stored in internal storage so better backup all the files stored in internal storage.

So before getting started you need to enable USB Debugging/Android Debugging to enable you can just follow these steps:
  • Go to settings> About phone and keep taping on build number till it appears "You are a developer now", now you can exit.
  • Now again go to settings>developer option(only after the previous step it will be enabled)> check/select android debugging.

Before doing unlocking procedures win x64 users [all 7,8,8.1,10 OS] need to disable driver signature enforcement"
for windows 7 x64 :
When boot screen loads, press the F8 function key a few times until you see this boot menu boot menu:

now look for option in the bottom called Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
Use the arrow keys to highlight it and then press the ENTER key. Windows will load like normal and now u can unlock yureka like win x86 [dont restart windows without unlocking becoz restart makes again the driver signature enable]

for windows 8,8.1,10 x64
click this link and follow instructions there and follow yureka unlocking procedures..

So lets get started!!!

1) Unlocking Bootloader:
  • Power off your Yu Yureka device
  • Connect your device and laptop/desktop by USB data cable
  • You will see the notification light of your Yu Yureka will glow "RED"
  • Now keep pressed the volume up button of your Yu Yureka, till it boots to the fastboot screen
  • Now browse to your c:/ open the folder which you extracted earlier(ADB and fastboot)
  • Now open command window in that folder(press ctrl+shift and right click).
  • Type the following command and press enter.
fastboot -i 0x1ebf oem unlock
Your Bootloader in now unlocked

*If you are facing issue like "waiting for device" when you type the command then please install minimal adb and fastboot or ADB and Fastboot drivers from google drive and try to execute the command

2) Flashing a Custom Recovery:
  • Download the recovery-yu.img file (here is link for CWM v6.0.5.1)
  • place the downloaded recovery-yu.img file in folder where fastboot files are extracted
  • Open command window in the folder and type the following command and press enter.
fastboot -i 0x1ebf flash recovery recovery-yu.img
*note: if you download any other custom recovery which is named differently, while writing the command you need to put the name of the recovery which is in ".img" file.

Now you just flashed a custom recovery

3) Last part giving root access:
  • Download the superuser file
  • Place the file in the internal storage or external storage
  • Boot your Yu Yureka into recovery mode by pressing volume up + volume down + power button
  • In recovery select install zip from storage and browse to the folder where you have downloaded the superuser.zip
  • And select install

Please note:
These l are the issues faced after the new incremental update:

*cannot root because custom recovery is not booting
*every time after flashing custom recovery it boots into stock CM recovery

1. Download the superuser. zip and place it in external sd-card
2. Go to developer option and disable "update cm recovery".
3. now flash the custom recovery again through command prompt
4. Disconnect the cable and press these combination keys to boot into recovery "vol up+ vol down+ power
5. Now it should boot into custom recovery
6. Install the superuser. zip
Congratulation you have successfully rooted you Yu Yureka and now "PlayGod"

@vishal_android freak for his original post, recovery and superuser.zip
@ansebovi for adding disable driver signature enforcement to the O


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